We drive ticket sales with original content production and distribution.

At Curiosity Labs, we produce creator-led content, designed to sell.

Trusted by great companies

Our original, creative, creator-first content helps you connect with and drive action from your audience. We combine content production expertise with our world-leading performance marketing team to guarantee you results.


Creator Network


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Why us?


Calculated, predictable, and repeatable results.

We continuously integrate data analytics to ensure your campaigns are optimised for maximum impact and growth.

Exclusive Creators

Creators, not influencers.

Our pool of exclusive creators combined with our meticulous vetting process guarantees you get the best representation to achieve your goals.

Results-driven Creative

Conversions, awareness, engagement, retention.

We reverse-engineer your goals and translate them into creative, memorable, engaging content that guarantees results.

"Working alongside this team has been a great experience, where they have supported us across multiple markets. Their expertise, enthusiasm and  has been key factors in achieving outstanding results."

Recent Work

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